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Nellcote is an experienced technology and security company with significant expertise across the entire technology landscape from open to closed source solutions.



What We Do

Cost Savings

Our team of experts know the supplier / vendor landscape inside out and can help to ensure that you have the right balance of products, services and solutions in place.

vCISO Services

Not every company can afford a CISO, but all companies need one. Our team of seasoned professionals are able to deliver the CISO support you need without a full time role attached to it.

Cyber Simulations

Many companies do not know how to respond to a Cyber Incident, or have never had to. Our Cyber Simulations bring real life cyber crisis events to the Senior leadership team to test their ability to manage the incident in real time.

Penetration Testing

Do you want to know just how vulnerable you are? Do you need to make sure that new system you just deployed is secure? Penetration testing simulates real world attacks on your systems to find out.

Cyber Health Checks

Let us review your current security position and provide constructive feedback based on good practice and the experience of seasoned professionals.

Consultancy and Advice

Our experts are available to advise on any number of subjects across the entire technology and security landscape.

Opensource First

Opensource technology has come along way since the early days and more often than not there is a very good opensource equivalent to an expensive vendor solution. Our team are seasoned opensource professionals that understand the technology and security landscape and can advise on how to save you money and improve your security through the use of Opensource Technology.

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Five Spheres. One Mission.

Our mission is to ensure you have the best balance of security, technology and skilled professionals to drive your company forward.