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About Us

Nellcote are not a vendor selling you a product, neither are we just another consulting firm selling you a solution.

We are a team of critical thinkers capable of challenging the status quo, adding value and delivering both standard and bespoke solutions to solve complex business and technical problems.

Our founders are Jay Abbott and Kieron Maughan. Jay Abbott is a recognised industry expert in the Cyber Space, a true security professional with an engineer’s philosophy who ensures that proposed solutions are technically viable, and always leverages the latest in technological advances. Kieron Maughan a respected IT professional with 25 years in the industry, working with Medium to large Enterprise businesses globally who has the capacity to bridge the gap between business needs, technical and Sales, working a customer centric approach and developing long term relationships.

Their keen interest in Cars, from Classics right through to modern supercars and technology shines through, including developing many diverse solutions including 3D printing of obsolete parts right through to EV penetration testing.

They recognised the opportunity to set up an organisation to bridge technology gaps in the market utilising their respective talents. So in 2017 Nellcote was founded, bringing more than five decades of expertise across the IT reseller and Cyber security industry.

The organisation has gone from strength to strength with our unique perspective of believing that the answer to security doesn’t live within the latest product or technology, but rather in the foundations of information security. An ethos our clients are receptive to, We believe a fresh pair of eyes can yield a greater return on investment than buying the latest ‘security silver bullet’.

We serve Tech Start ups to medium and large enterprise organisations globally and work with a number of selected reseller partners. Nellcote Cyber offer a catalogue of mature services delivered by our handpicked team that are described in greater detail elsewhere on this website.

Our focus and beliefs are built on the foundations of truth, integrity and trust, if you like the sound of our approach, please get in touch.