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Our prefered approach is to bespoke a service package that meets your specific needs, however, we do have a series of offerings that are commonly asked for ready to go.

Cost Savings

vCISO Services

Cyber Simulations

Penetration Testing

Cyber Health Checks


We deliver bespoke services to you

Whether you need some advice on how to pass Cyber Essentials Plus, or you want us to design a complete Cyber Awareness Programme for your enterprise, we can develop a bespoke programme of services and solutions that meet your individual organisations needs.

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Saving you money

Let us evaluate your current budgets and control strategies to identify shortfalls and overlaps to make you more secure for less money.

Technology Spend

Our team has years of experience accross the vendor landscape and knows where the margin is, how to cut the fat off and fundamental ways to get you a better deal. 

Control Strategies

Its all to often we see clients we several different products that all deliver the same controls for the business. Our experts understand how to get the best control strategies to deliver value & security for your business.


Opensource First

Opensource technology can often deliver the control yuou want for little to no cost. Our experts can advise where you can save significant parts of your budget through the clever use of opensource technology within your current control strategy.

Delivering high quality advice

In the world of technology and security, confusion is the number one issue that companmies face. So many vendors exist, each pushing their own version of the solution, but which one is right?

Technology & Security Strategies

Our experts can help you develop a strategic roadmap linked to international industry standards that deliver sensible, logical and economic technology and security landscapes for your company.

vCISO Services

Our experts can work with you as one of your leadership team, providing the realtime input that the company needs to respond to day to day issues in a secure manner.

Training and Awareness

Our teams can bring the subject of Security alive for your staff as well as deliver multi-format engagement models to ensure the subject stays on radar.

High Impact Training Sessions

Eyee opening training designed to engage the individual and get them personally involved and concious of cyber security issues so they are more secure from the core.

Cyber Simulations for the Leadership Teams

Real-time, real-life simulations of current Cyber threats played out in your board room. Designed to make you think about how you would respond to a real-life incident ahead of one occuring, so you can be ready.

Awareness Programmes

Multi-format awareness programmes with integarted testing and engagement measuring for the company that wants to take a proactive stance on integrating their staff into the security solution.