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DevSecOps is a fundamental rethink in the security conceptual approach with the “shift left” mindset at its core. With “Shift Left” we simply mean, move the security issue back up the pipeline and into the conceptual design and creation stages, rather than the typically late post-delivery approach that has been the mainstay of security for many years.

This paradigm shift, while sounding simple, often leaves organisations without the necessary skills where they need them, or with gaps within the current resident practitioners’ expertise, that unless augmented, could leave the concept far from the execution.

Architectural Support Services

Architecture is where your security journey starts. Designing the appropriate systems for your desired task requires that security be baked in from the outset.

This is why we offer Architectural support services as part of our business. We take the real-world Security issues we see daily and ensure that your designs do not facilitate them. This yields a significant return on investment through a vastly reduced test/retest cycle post-delivery, ensuring no fundamental weaknesses to discover.

Often, you may find your team needs a specific skill set or technical proficiency to ensure the design is best practice. Our teams can fill this knowledge gap while ensuring the final specification is optimised against threats and for delivery.

Linked to this offering is our team of experts proficient in DevSecOps practices. Ensuring that security remains at the forefront of the thought process in the delivery teams can be difficult unless you have seasoned experts that know the tooling and techniques required to ensure success.

Our team can support your own in-house teams through collaborative support and technical advice. Whether you need support implementing a complete code delivery pipeline from scratch with built-in vulnerability detection or a seasoned professional to call upon occasionally, our experts are here to help. Combined, we offer a complete Technical Design Authority for your business, bringing external validation, critical thinking and a breadth of real-world experience that will improve your project’s success.

Cloud Optimisation ( O365 / Azure / AWS )

In the digital transformation era, businesses are increasingly adopting cloud services to optimise performance, flexibility, and scalability. At Nellcote, we specialise in Cloud Testing and Optimisation for Office 365, Azure, and AWS, helping organisations ensure their cloud systems are both robust and efficient.

Our Services

Whether you’re planning a transition to the cloud or aiming to optimise your existing infrastructure, our team of experienced and certified professionals is equipped to support you. Our services include:

  • Performance Testing: We evaluate your cloud services under varying loads and stress conditions to ensure they can meet your business needs even at peak times.
  • Functional Testing: We ensure that all your cloud applications and services function as expected, delivering a seamless experience to your users.
  • Optimisation Services: We analyse your cloud resource usage and costs, and provide recommendations to enhance performance and reduce costs.

Our Methodology

Our methodology consists of several stages to provide comprehensive testing and optimisation:

  • Assessment: We begin by understanding your current cloud infrastructure, applications, and business needs. This helps us design a customized testing and optimization strategy for your specific environment.
  • Planning: Based on the initial assessment, we develop detailed test cases and define performance metrics to measure the success of our optimization efforts.
  • Execution: Our team conducts rigorous testing in alignment with the defined plan. Using state-of-the-art tools and technologies, we simulate various conditions to evaluate performance, security, and functionality. Analysis: We analyse the results of our tests, identifying areas of strength as well as opportunities for improvement.
  • Optimization: Based on our analysis, we develop and implement a tailored optimization strategy. This may involve modifying configurations, scaling resources, and applying security enhancements.
  • Reporting and Review: We provide detailed reports on our findings and the steps taken for optimization. We also perform a post-optimization review to confirm improvements and plan for ongoing maintenance. *

At Nellcote, we believe in delivering cloud services that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Trust us to ensure your O365, Azure, and AWS services are secure, efficient, and tailored to your unique business requirements. 

Contact us to discover how we can help optimise your cloud journey.