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Incident Response

Hopefully, no organisation will ever need a Cyber Incident Response service, but just in case you do, we are here to help.

Cyber Incidents have become more numerous and diverse, and new types of attacks are emerging regularly with damaging and disruptive consequences. But you can be assured that our agile and flexible team are best positioned to triage the situation and understand the practical consequences of the incident. Ensuring that your business practices can continue as soon as it is safe to do so.

Clarity is critical when responding to an incident, understanding everyone’s roles and responsibilities is core to ensuring an incident is managed and handled successfully. Therefore we advise that an information-gathering workshop session is required so that this essential data can be documented.

The speed at which an incident can be identified and mitigated can make a significant difference in controlling your risks, cost and overall exposure.

Dealing with cyber security incidents can be a challenging task, even for the most advanced organisations. Nellcote will assess and develop an appropriate cyber security incident response capability, enabling us to adopt a systematic, structured approach to cyber security incident response in your environment.

To build an effective cyber security incident response capability, it is useful to examine what you may need to do before, during and after a cyber security attack. The Nellcote team will handle this 3 phased approach for you by;


A 2 day review of existing runbooks and policies which will give the Nellcote team time to understand what IT Systems, critical assets, Processes, People and third parties that are involved and documenting these so that in the event of needing to activate the incident response service, the team will be able to expedite the Incident response plan by engaging with the key contacts involved. We can also determine business impact, financial loss, compliance implications, reputational damage, impaired growth.


There are a number of steps a cyber incident security response expert will typically follow to help them handle an incident effectively. The main emphasis will be on investigation and then taking the appropriate action.

Follow Up

There are many important activities that should be undertaken following an incident, but often organisations lack the resources to do this. This could involve problem cause analysis, root cause identification, liaising with third parties or performing trend analysis.

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