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Office of the CISO

The traditional approach to a virtual Chief Information Security Office (vCISO) is to find a good, seasoned consultant and buy a piece of their time to save money and gain a higher calibre of talent for your team than you would otherwise be able to afford. Seems like a simple concept and a solid one at first glance. Where this falls down is that there are very few individuals in the world that have sufficient knowledge, experience and skill to be able to deliver on the promise.

This is where the “Office of the CISO” differs. Rather than rent a small piece of a person, we offer you the whole team. Our Office of the CISO is backed by senior thought leaders alongside industry experts in multiple fields of expertise, from Governance Risk and Compliance to Penetration Testing, Incident Response, DevSecOps and everything in between. Fronted by a seasoned thought leader ensuring that the relevant business issues, threat landscape and external inputs are all considered to identify the crux of the requirements, the expertise of the broader team is leveraged to ensure that all the details are covered right down into the technical detail. This ensures that you don’t get a vanilla, textbook response but a completely tailored, considered response with actionable intelligence and achievable goals.

Typically, this can involve;

  • Expert voice in executive/board/committee leadership meetings for security guidance
  • Security compliance guidance and support
  • Constant review of risk assessments and consultation on risk mitigation prioritisation
  • Hands-on consulting for security policy, process, and procedural development
  • Mentoring and knowledge transfer to the broader team & training to all levels of staff (from Helpdesk to Executive level)
  • Independent advice on third-party risk management and security development life cycle and maturity
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