Cyber Simulations

Thinking you know what to do in a crisis and actually doing it are two very different things


Cyber Simulations

Our team have developed a series of real-world, real-time crisis simulations that put the leadership team of an organisation through its paces in a controlled simulation.

Our experts control the narrative and inject content and changes in real-time making the players have to think on their feet, continually adjust thought processes and come up with answers.

Based on years of real life crisis situations, our team know exactly what it is like when you are in the thick of the situation and can bring the scenario to life.

Multiple Scenarios Available

Based on real-world issues

Designed to change perspectives

Aimed to ready an organisation

Engineered to challenge preconceptions


Are you really ready?

Many organisations think they have a handle on Cyber and that a breach will never occur. Of course, history has shown us that even the biggest companies don’t have the management of a cyber crisis as well planned as they hoped.

The reality of a crisis situation is far from the plan, and the only real preperation you can do is to live through one.

Our teams know exactly what this is like and have developed a series of crisis situations that will test your organisations response to them. How you manage the messaging, recovery, prioritisation strategies, stakeholders and many other variables is waiting to be discovered. 



What People Are Saying

We worked with Nellcote to host an executive-level event for our senior network and what can I say other than, it was phenomenal. Not only was it an informative, eye-opening and truly surreal event but it was interactive, fun and exciting – and that’s speaking from the outside, our guests had a blast! I think the fact that all of our guests stayed way beyond the finish line to stay and talk about the simulation with both Stanton House and Nellcote proves that it was a huge success. Thanks again and here’s hoping many more organisations take you on to shake up their thoughts about Cyber!

Jacqueline Gordon

Marketing and Communications Manager, Stanton House