vCISO Services

Having senior leadership support for the security of your organisation is necessary but doesn’t have to cost a fortune


vCISO Model

Due to the global skills shortage around Cyber Security, senior leadership and support for leadership teams from the role of the Chief Information Security Officer comes at a hefty price. Most CISO’s are 6 figure roles and for many companies that is just too much cost.

Our virtualCISO model allows you to have the same leadership and support for a fraction of the cost. Experts in Nellcote have many years experience in the industry as CISO’s and are able to share the cost burden among a number of clients, reducing the individual client cost while bringing the experience and support needed to the business.

Shared Resource Model

Multiple Package Options

Ad-Hoc or Regular Support

Senior Leadership Engagement

Technical Leadership

Strategic Advice


The right advice at the right time

The vCISO model varies from a standalone engagement around Security Strategy by building a relationship between the vCISO and the business. Far more than just advice, this role is one of leadership and guidance in day to day running. The vCISO gets to know the companies he works with in great detail just like a full time employee, and as such can head off issues before they are too late.

Combined with the breadth of knowledge and experience that a vCISO has through working with multiple clients, this offers the best of both worlds for many organisations. A member of the senior leadership team with real-world, real-time experience from multiple sectors and businesses that understands what the goals, drivers and desires of your business are.